Latvian Academy of Sciences


Miera iela 32, Salaspils-1, LV 2169
Tel.: (3712)944700. Fax: (371)7901214

Director Dr. habil. phys. O. LIELAUSIS, Full mem. LAS

Chair of the Scientific Council Dr. habil.phys. A. CEBERS, Full mem. LAS

The Institute was founded in 1946 as Institute of Physics and Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences. The first Director was the well-known mathematician N. Brazma. At first mainly the academic staff of the University of Latvia worked at the Institute. From 1948 to 1967 the head of the Institute was I. Kirko, Full mem. AS; from 1967 to 1992-Y. Mikhailov, Full mem. LAS; from 1992 to 1993- I. Bersons, Cor.mem. LAS.

In early 1990s a significant reorganization of the Institute of Physics took place as a result of which the LAS Nuclear Research Centre was established and laboratories of several branches went over to this Centre and the University of Latvia, but one laboratory went over to the LAS Institute of Physical Energetics. After the reorganization the Institute of Physics has turned into a specialized scientific institution engaged in research problems of magnetohydrodynamics, heat, and mass transfer.

The Institute is widely participating in international projects. Agreements with the scientific centres or companies of Germany, France, Israel, the USA, and Korea have been concluded. Scientific research is conducted as well as designing and manufacturing of separate magnetohydrodynamic equipment. Since 1994 the Institute participates in research of the scientific project "Turbulence and Heat Transfer in Liquid Metals Under High Magnetic Fields" financed by the European Union.

In accordance with the decisions of the General Meeting of scientists of the Institute and the Senate of the University of Latvia, it has been envisaged that in 1997 the Institute will join the University of Latvia, thus becoming an independent structural unit of scientific and academic education of the University of Latvia.

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