Latvian Academy of Sciences


Dzerbenes iela 27, Riga, LV 1006
Tel.: (371)7553063, (371) 7558945. Fax: (371) 73101135


Director Dr. J. DOLACIS
Chair of the Scientific Council Dr. A. ALKSNIS, Full mem. LAS

The Institute was founded in 1946.

Main Areas of Research

In 1997 the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry participates in working out three scientific programmes of national significance.

The Institute participates in the implementation of 17 scientific projects (grants) as well as in the project of a new cellulose plant offering ecologically safe investigations, suitable for Latvian conditions, namely, substantial boiling of sulphate cellulose, bleaching of cellulose, recycling of printed waste paper.

The Institute of Wood Chemistry and the Riga Technical University jointly with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia carry out gradual integration; the scientists of the Institute work as teaching staff at the University of Latvia, the Latvian Agricultural University, and the Riga Technical University.

In 1997 the Institute jointly with the Ministry of Education and Science, the Riga Technical University and the Latvian Agricultural University will start to establish the Wood Processing College, that would provide basic education enabling the graduates to work as experts of intermediate rank at wood processing enterprises or continue studies at the Riga Technical University or the Latvian Agricultural University.

In 1996 the investigations of the Institute to a large extent were oriented to applied usage. It is proved by the patents received at the Republic of Latvia as well as the licence contract for biodegradable polyurethans concluded in Italy. Market-oriented research and contract works with firms and enterprises are carried out. International co-operation continues to develop.

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