Latvian Academy of Sciences


Ratsupites iela 1, Riga, LV 1067
Tel.: (3712) 427117. Fax: (3712) 427521.

Director Dr.habil.biol. E. GRENS, Full mem. LAS
Chair of the Scientific Council Dr.h.c.biol. V. LOZA

UL BMC was established in 1993 on the basis of the former Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), Latvian Academy of Sciences and University of Latvia.

The roots of the LU and LAS IMB are to be sought at the LAS Institute of Organic Synthesis where a Group of Nucleic Acid Research was formed in 1964, gaining a laboratory status in 1975, but in 1988 it became a Department containing three laboratories. On 1 October 1990 the Institute of Molecular Biology-the present UL BMC-was established on the basis of this Department.

The Centre is integrated with University of Latvia Faculty of Biology. It participates in elaborationg and introducing the syllabus for the Faculty bachelor students and organizing Master's and Doctoral studies. The 13 doctoral students and 10 master's students are doing their research in the laboratories of the UL MBC.

Main Areas of Research

In 1996 UL BMC participated in several international scientific projects, namely, four projects of the European Union, two NATO projects, two TEMPUS projects, two KIRT Programme (Karolinska International Research and Training Programme) projects, two projects of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and two grants financed by Volkswagen company.

In November 1996 UL BMC together with the KIRT Programme organized International Course in Molecular Biology in Riga.

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