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Director and Chair of the Scientific Council Dr.biol. K. BUIVIDS

Founded in 1956 as LAS Botanical Gardens, but in 1992 it has been granted the status of National Botanical Gardens. During the forty years of its existence the richest plant collection in the Baltic states has been gathered there. About 10-12 thousand plant taxa, species, subspecies, and forms have been gathered and maintained as well as 5-6 thousand varieties. Separately at the arboretum more than 5 thousand tree and shrub taxa are to be found. The collections are specialized. Many genera have national, but some (Crataegus, Cotoneaster, Populus, Allium, etc.) collection-significance of world scale.

Main Areas of Research

By marking the 40th anniversary of the NBG an international conference "The Role of Botanical Gardens in Plant Acclimatization, Horticulture Science, and Practice" (September 3-4, 1996) was organized.

Collection of articles "The Baltic Botanical Gardens in 1994-1995" was issued.

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