Latvian Academy of Sciences


Kronvalda bulvaris 4, Riga, LV 1586
Tel.: (371)7325123, (371)7322704, (3712)427992. Fax: (371) 7323065

Director U. VIESTURS, Full mem. LAS
Chair of the Council Dr.habil.biol. M. BEKERS, Full mem. LAS

The Institute was founded in 1993 as the successor and inheritor of rights of the LAS Augusts Kirhensteins Institute of Microbiology. The main research directions, started at the LAS Institute of Microbiology are continued. Besides, great attention is focused on the integration in the State system of higher education. Top experts of the Institute deliver courses of lectures and conduct practical classes for the students of the University of Latvia and the Riga Technical University as well as work with researchers for Master's and Doctor's degrees. The equipment of the scientific laboratories of the Institute is partially brought over to the premises of the University of Latvia Faculty of Biology and adjusted to the specific requirements of the study process there. The Institute is developing co-operation with other research establishments and various companies both in Latvia and abroad. Purpose of co-operation-theoretical research as well as practical elaborations.

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