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M.Sc. Aija Lulle



Joined the Centre in October, 2008; in 2001 she graduated the Master's Programme in Sociology at the University of Latvia and 2003 -2006 continued her PhD studies in sociology at the same university. As of 2004 active research experience has been obtained with the Advanced Institute of Social and Political Research and the Faculty of Geography of the University of Latvia, Strategic Analysis Commission in Latvia, Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies, the European Trade Union Institute for Research, Education and Health and Safety and other organisations, with main research interests in transnational migration and mobility of highly skilled personnel in particular, border studies, media.

Previous experience in journalism, scholarships and internships, e.g., at Green College, University of Oxford (Reuters programme, 2003) and at the United Nations headquarter, New York, (2004) have helped to strengthen international capacities of the researcher.
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