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X - ray powder diffractometer DRON UM1.

Updating of measuring complex DRON UM1 including the automatic control of GUR-8 goniometer, storage and processing of experimental data - diffraction intensity as a funktion of the diffraction angle I = f(2q ), has been implemented on the basis of an IBM PC.

A software library in WINDOWS-95 shell providing a detailed information about the polycrystalline structures studied has the following structure:

1. Primary processing of experimental data by ORIGIN type graph editors;

  2. Identification of the crystallographic phases by a PC - PDF database;

3. Indexation of the diffraction patterns by CRYSFIRE software package (6 different algorithms);

4. Simulation of diffraction patterns by CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA;

5. DBWS, FULLPROF, WINMPROF, WINPLOTR, RIETICA algorithms based on Rietveld refinement techniques.

 6. Analysis of superpositions of diffraction maxima by WINFIT;

 7. Quantitative phase analysis RIETQUAN;

 8. Determining of disperssity and internal strains by diffraction maxima broadening analysis POWDER, WINFIT;

  9. Structure imaging software CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA, PLATON, STRUPLO, DIAMOND;