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Aizkraukles iela 21, Riga, LV 1006
Tel.: (371) 7551822. Fax: (371) 7821038

Director and Chair of the Scientific Council Dr. habil. chem. E. LUKEVICS, Full mem. LAS

The Institute has been founded in 1957 as a complex scientific research establishment uniting researchers in synthetic organic chemistry, experts in physical chemistry, biologists, medical experts as well as physicists, technologists, and specialists in cybernetics, in order to jointly synthesize new biologically active substances, their chemical and biological studies in producing new medical preparations. From among more than 50 preparations which have been created by the staff of the Institute during the course of its work, 17 are original including anti-tumour preparation Ftorafur (Tegafur), anti-flu preparation Remantadine, immunomodulator Leakadine, cardioprotector Mildronate, preparation for treating heart and vascular diseases Foridon, antioxidant Diludine, and others. An experimental plant was also included within the structure of the Institute that ensured working out the technologies for the required substances and the production of preparations. Since 1992 the plant turned into an independent state firm "Grindex". The Department of Molecular Biology of the Institute has also become an independent structure, namely University of Latvia Biomedical Research and Study Centre.

Continuing the research on new physiologically active substances, the Institute has established successful scientific contacts with the prominent medical preparation research centres in Europe, Japan, and the USA.

The Institute co-operates with the University of Latvia Faculty of Chemistry, Riga Technical University Faculty of Chemical Technology, and the Latvian Medical Academy Faculty of Pharmacy in student training and Master's and Doctoral studies.

Since 1965 the Institute publishes the journal Heterociklisko Savienojumu Kimija (Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds) which is regularly translated and published in the USA.

At the initial period such outstanding Latvia's chemists as S. Hiller and G. Vanags have worked at the Institute. At present eight Full members of the LAS are engaged at the Institute-G. Cipens, G. Duburs, J. Freimanis, I. Kalvins, V. Klusa, M. Lidaka, E. Lukevics, and J. Stradins as well as two Corresponding members of the LAS-E. Kupce and E. Liepins.

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