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Akademijas laukums 1, Riga, LV 1050
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Director Dr. habil.hist. A. CAUNE, Full mem.LAS
Chair of the Scientific Council Dr.habil.hist. A. VASKS

The Institute was founded in 1936 for the study of Latvia's history.

Main Areas of Research

In 1996 especially active were studies in archaeology. The Second Annual Meeting of European Association of Archaeologists took place in Riga in September 1996. The 18th volume of the collection "Archaeology and Ethnography", I. Ose's monograph "Tile Stoves in the Palaces of Kurzeme and Zemgale (Late 15th to Early 18th Centuries)", J. Graudonis' review "Archaeological Monuments in the Riga District" and J. Apals' "Ancient Abodes in Latvia" were published. Archaeological excavations were continued in Turaida, Cesis, and Riga, as well the reconstruction of Araisi Lake-dwelling.

Jointly with archaeologists, problems of the Balts were energetically tackled by scholars of the Laboratory of Anthropological Studies, establishing contacts with Oxford and Uppsala Radiocarbon Laboratories which carry out exact chronological specifications of the materials.

Along with problems of studying traditional material cultures, economic activity, population structure and others, ethnographers actively engage themselves in the formation of State-protected culture-historical territory "Libiesu Krasts" (The Liv Coast). Following the proposal worked out by Full mem. LAS S. Cimermanis and presented by the LAS, the Saeima (Parliament) of the Republic of Latvia on 23 May 1996 accepted regulations normalizing the legal status of the Livs. Soon readers will receive S. Cimermanis' monograph "Fishing and Fishermen in Latvia in the 19th Century". L. Dumpe's study on the traditional dairy farming and milk dishes in Latvia has been completed.

In 1996 work on the most important project "Latvia's History in the 20th Century" was actively continued. By the end of the year texts for the chapters of the first volume have been prepared. Materials on the politically repressed persons under the Soviet regime (1940-1990) have been introduced in the computer memory. Full mem. LAS J. Stradins is actively working in the field of history of Latvia's science. The 18th Science History Conference of the Baltics was held in Riga. Within the framework of the theme two monographs have been published: Stradins J., Arons K., and Viksna A. Such Was Our Time; and From Grindel to Nowadays. Reflections on Pharmacological Traditions and Search for New Medical Preparations in Latvia arranged by Professor J. Stradins.

Scholars of the Institute have presented reports at conferences abroad, they have worked at foreign archives and libraries supported by various scholarships; they have popularized the most recent historical findings (cycles "Listen to the Steps of History" and "The Dome Square") at the radio and TV broadcasts. Latvijas Vestures Instituta Zurnals (Journal of the Institute of History of Latvia) is published regularly.

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