Professor Yuri ARTYUKH
Senior Researcher
Institute of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Latvia

Dzerbenes iela 14
Riga, LV 1006

Phone: +371 6755 1771
Fax: +371 6755 5337
E-mail: artyukh@edi.lv

 Born: 1943, Vinnica, Ukraine

Main Interests:

Brief Description of Main Research:

Since 1965 and up to now Yu.Artyukh is involved into research and development related with high-speed digital electronic circuits. In 1970ies he has headed a group, and then laboratory, specialising in area of high-precision timing measurements for various specific applications, and designing the corresponding application systems. Most important projects carried out in 1970ies were a photon-counting spectrometer for astrophysical research, Laser-Doppler systems for speed measuring of airflows in industrial wind tunnels, and timing systems for Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR).

Research in SLR area is being continued up to now, resulting in a few models of advanced timing systems for SLR recently used in Finland, Germany, Austria, China, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Russia and Latvia. These systems are based on the novel method of event timing and owing to this quite competitive as compared to the similar in performance but more expensive instruments from the world-famous manufacturers.

Since 1994 Yu.Artyukh closely collaborates with Prof. I.Bilinskis – leading scientist in area of Digital Alias-free Signal Processing (DASP). During such collaboration Yu. Artyukh provides researches directed mainly to the development of specialised hardware for DASP based application systems. As a result, a few models of wideband DASP digitisers have been developed and made in the framework of International R&D projects; one of such digitisers is a vital part of the “DASP-Lab System” honoured by European IT Prize in 1997.

Author of more than 170 publications (including 41 inventions) related to the mentioned subjects.

Languages: English, Russian, Latvian, Ukrainian



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 Main Research Projects

A number of the Latvian and International R&D projects (including four International projects sponsored by European Community) related to the development and design of advanced DSP systems for various applications (head of the projects or their basic parts)


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