Janis Guntis BERZINS

BerzinsJa.JPG (3074 bytes) Dr. habil. phys. Janis Guntis BERZINS
Vice-Director “RAPA” Ltd.
Head of Laboratory, Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia

Miera iela 31
Salaspils, LV 2169

Phone: +371 794 5840
Fax: +371 790 1211
E-mail: jberzins@latnet.lv

Born: January 31, 1936, Riga, Latvia


Brief description of main research:

I am working in the area of experimental nuclear spectroscopy. My main scientific interests are devoted to the investigation of nuclear structure in nuclear reactions in the mass region A=140-194. I has participated in developing of the experimental equipment for the nuclear structure investigation in the nuclear reactions at the Latvian nuclear reactor as well as in investigation of more than 20 nuclei in co-operation with many laboratories in Europe and USA. Since 1986 we are active in the field of application of some nuclear spectroscopic methods to ecological problems. During the last years our laboratory have performed measurements for the determination of radionuclide concentration in aerosols, precipitation, water and sediments in Latvia.

Languages: German, English, Russian, Latvian, French.





- Leningrad Institute of Nuclear Physics, Gatchina (Russia), 1962 (3 months)
- Zentralinstitut für Kernforschung AdW DDR, Rossendorf (Germany), 1972-1983 (3 months yearly)
- Institute Laue-Langevin, Grenoble (France), 1989
- Technische Universität München, (Germany), 1990, 1996, 1998 (2 months yearly).


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