BORZOVS.JPG (25935 bytes) Professor  Juris BORZOVS
Head of Computing Department,
University of Latvia
Raina Bulv. 19
Riga, LV-1586

Phone: +371-7034490
Mobile: +371-9257530
Fax: +371-7619573
E-mail: juris.borzovs@lu.lv

Born: April 17, 1950, Siuntio, Finland


    Brief Description of Main Research:

"There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things…"


If should I characterise concisely my professional activities during couple of years probably the most suitable would be an assertion that I dealt with and continue to deal with implementation of an order and discipline into various processes and issues, with a propaganda and teaching of such a discipline. I could add that this implementation of the order itself must be disciplined, based on scientific methods and approaches.

My research is devoted to five fields listed below (software engineering and its contacting with information technology legislation and terminology), where I have worked and am still working in.

  1. Research of capabilities of test automation
  2. Development and implementation of the national software engineering standards
  3. Development of IT-related legislation system
  4. Systematisation of development of the Latvian IT terminology
  5. Professionaql softwre engineering education and training




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I am a "border person" since born – I was born in ethnically mixed family at a Soviet military base in Finland near Helsinki so I still have a right for Russian and Finnish citizenship. Being modestly talented, I proved that also such persons are able to earn scientific grades. In research, I work with very practical issues, but in industry – with rather theoretical ones. Although my professional background and engagement is connected with computer programming I have done a lot in philology and jurisprudence. Although I work for a private body – a/s DATI, the biggest East European software production company – I am a director of its subsidiary Riga Information Technology Institute, that is the only private research organisation in Latvia. I have been in policy but not at higher level. Outstanding command in Latvian, very strong in Russian, fair in English. Communication and co-ordination skills well above average. Hypertrophied responsibility. Career-minded. Choleric. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - INTJ, with clear preferences in introversion, intuition and judging. Love dancing and philosophy. Lazy in personal everyday life.

I am convinced of developing an export-oriented global-size software development and maintenance industry with tens of thousand employees and over ten billion dollars in annual revenue in Latvia and in the Baltic countries thus overdraw current state budgets.

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