Nikolajs Sjakste

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Dr. habil. biol. Nikolajs Sjakste

University of Latvia, Faculty of Medicine
Sharlotes Street 1a, Riga,  LV 1001, Latvia.

Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis
Aizkraukles Street 21, Riga LV-1006, Latvia

Phone:+371 67038120; +371 67038266
E-mail: ;


 Born: May 11, 1955, Riga, Latvia


Brief description of main results:

  1. Changes of DNA interactions with nuclear matrix proteins were revealed during transition of cells from proliferation to quiescence (1978 – 1991).
  2. Physiological role of DNA strand breaks was elucidated in several models (1983-1991).
  3. Asymmetric transcription in the chicken alpha-globin gene domain was characterized; two formerly unknown genes were described (1993 – 1998).
  4. Gene domain structure of proteasomal PSMA 6 gene was studied, polymorphism of the gene was studied, and association of certain alleles to type 2 diabetes, Graves ’ disease and juvenile idiopathic arthritis was revealed (1999 – 2004).
  5. Increase of the nitric oxide production rate during action of volatile halogenated anaesthetics was investigated, mechanism of the phenomenon were studied (1998 – 2004).
  6. Role of the nitric oxide in the mechanism of action of an antiischemic drug mildronate created in Latvia was revealed (2000 – 2004).
  7. A chromatin site resistant to apoptotic fragmentation was revealed in the chicken alpha-globin gene. Mechanism of the phenomenon is under study.

Languages: Latvian, Russian, English, French (Italian, German)



Honours and awards

Professional Activities and Memberships

Representative Publications:

>170 scientific publications including ~ 100 full articles in international peer-reviewed journals, 1 monograph, 1 author’s certificate, 2 popular articles.

  1. Chromosomal aberrations and molecular weight of single – stranded DNA fragments in embryonic fibroblasts of 101/H and CBA mice. - Bull. Exp. Biol. Med. – Engl. Tr., 1982, Vol. 92, No 9, pp. 1231 – 1233.
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Participation in international conferences:

    Oral or poster presentations in 13 conferences in 1998-2006.

International collaboration, stays in foreign laboratories

Recent Research Projects

    Local (supported by the Latvian Council of Science)

  1. 1999 – 2003 “Role of nitrogen oxide in mechanism of action of anesthetics and antiischemic drugs” – sponsored by the Latvian Council of Science, grant No 01.0042
  2. 2000 - 2004“Polymorphism of the proteasomal protein PROS-27 genome domain and its linkage to human pathology, part of the joint project “Studies of the Latvian genofund and their application to diagnostics and prophylaxis of human pathologies” sponsored by the Latvian Council of Science, grant No 01.0023.111.
  3. 2004 – „Pathological production of nitric oxide, possibilities of its pharmacological correction” – sponsored by the Latvian Council of Science, grant No 04.1317.
  4. 2004 – „Differentiation and apoptosis-related structural changes in the chicken alpha-globin domain chromatin” - sponsored by the Latvian Council of Science, grant No 04.1280.


  1. 1996-1998 Responsible for the Supplementary Agreement "Tightly bound proteins in differentiation and malignancy" to European Community project "European Animal Cell Collection". In collaboration with Center for Applied Microbiology and Research, Salisbury, U.K.
  2. 2000/2001 “Study of genetic restriction fragment length and microsatellite polymorphism on chromosome 14 and PROS-27 gene and its probable linkage to human diseases”– a Nordic Network Grant Scheme grant awarded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, in collaboration with Turku University (Finland) and Karolinska Hospital (Sweden), Co-ordinator..
  3. Since 2000 – “Regulation of NO production by anaesthetics assayed in vivo and in vitro” – sponsored by the French Government and “ Osmose” program, in collaboration with Universite Paris V, Paris, France, Co-ordinator.
  4. 2002/2003 “Diabetes genetics studies in Nordic countries and Latvia” – a Nordic Network Grant Scheme grant awarded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, in collaboration with Turku University (Finland) and Wallenberg Laboratory (Malmö, Sweden) Co-ordinator.
  5. 2004 – “Quality and extent of the molecular biology teaching on different levels of medical education”. “Neighbour Plus Program project, supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Network formed by universities from Latvia, Lithuania, North-Western Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Co-ordinator.
  6. 2005 - Joint Taiwan-Latvian-Lithuanian project „Purification and characterization of the gamma-butyrobetaine esterase”. Co-ordinator.

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