sparitiso.JPG (5331 bytes) Professor Ojars SPARITIS
Head of the Department for Doctoral Studies,
Latvian Academy of Arts
Kalpaka bulv. 13
Riga, LV 1867, Latvia

Phone: + 371 7332202. Fax: + 371 7228963
E- mail: lma@latnet.lv

Director of  "Melngalvju Nams" (Blackhead's House)
Ratslaukums 7, Riga, LV 1050

Phone: +371 7044300. Fax: +371 7044312
E-mail: melngalv@rcc.lv


Born: November 28, 1955, Liepaja district, Latvia


Studies of Swedish archives resulted in focusing my scientific interest on development of fortifications in the Baltics and contacts between Sweden and Latvia during 17th century

Languages : Latvian, English, German, and Russian





Honours and Awards


Professional Activities

Lectures and Courses abroad


Main /Recent Publications

More than 90 publications on history and theory of art and architecture, on periodisation, typology, iconology, emblematics. More than 40 publications on aspects of preservation of cultural heritage.
Participation in more than 40 regional and international scientific symposiums and conferences in Latvia and abroad.




Research Projects


My Family and my time:

My family is very patient. Of course, being actively involved in scientific and social circles means taking time off private life. But we all together enjoy travels, connected with my research and we try to find interesting aspects for each member of our family. Fortunately, the closed borders of the former Soviet Union were brought down in the right time, when I was ready to accept and interpret the world with the necessary experience.

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