(18.06.1919 - 21.10.2007)

Professor Abram TEMKIN
Senior Researcher
Department of Power Supply, Institute of Energetics,
Faculty of Electrical and Power Engineering, Riga Technical University


Born: June 18, 1919, Samara, Russia


Brief Description of Main Research

Expansion of Duhamel's integral permits to represent temperature field as a sum of main and relict parts, which is negligible by the great times and depends on origin conditions. The main part is a series of products of derivatives of external temperatures and heat fluxes and coordinate functions, which parametrically depend on body's geometry, materials, exchange coefficients. These asymptotic solutions allow to determine heat capacity, conductivity, internal heat sources of different origin, boundary conditions on every part of surface at any moment. The parameters of internal sources (viscosity,    light absortbtivity, etc) and external influences (friction, light emissivity etc.) may be obtained.

Languages: English, German, Idish, Latvian, Russian




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