Veisbergs1.JPG (4305 bytes) Professor , Dr.habil.philol. Andrejs VEISBERGS
Head of Contrastive Linguistics Department,
Director of English and German BA and MA programmes,
University of Latvia

Visvalza 4a,
LV-1050 Riga,

Tel.: +371 7034820
Fax: + 371 7227802


Born: February 22 ,1962, Riga, Latvia


My work involves lecturing for BA and MA students on English Lexicology, Translation and Interpreting, Contrastive Linguistics, Language Varieties, Language Contacts, Latvian background studies, supervising students research work. I have more than 120 research publications, including monographs and dictionaries. I often participate in research conferences, among the latest , “Language International” conference in CUNI, New York (1997), Copenhagen Symposium on Lexicography (1998), Stockholm Baltic Studies conference (1999), LSP conference in Bresanone (1999), ELF conference in Maynooth University (1999), “Translatologie” in University of Mainz (1999).


Languages: Latvian, English, Russian, German


Education and Qualifications

I do much conference interpreting in Latvia and abroad (European Commission, ILEA, NATO), as well as translation for USIA (US Constitution, Prosperity series, etc.), Nordic Council and other organizations. I frequently write for ‘The Guardian’ (UK), ‘Diena’


Visiting lectures


University of Latvia:


Recent Publications


Research projects



I enjoy walking, swimming, traveling, history and music.

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