Ludmila VIKSNA

viksnal.jpg (4972 bytes) Professor Ludmila VIKSNA
Chief of   Infectology Chair,
Director of Family Medicine, Study, Research and
Organization Center, 
Riga Stradins University
Linezera str. 3,
Riga, LV 1006

Phone: (371) 67014777
Fax : (371) 67014559

Born: October 22, 1946, Riga, Latvia


Languages: Latvian, Russian, English


Professional certificates:

- infectology
- hepatology
- health care management
- traditional Chinese medicine


Professional Activities and Memberships

In Latvia -

            Latvian Medical Association -

        1. Head of the Committee of Training Authority for the Health Care Providers
        2. President of the Latvian Infectologists Association
        3. Member of the Certification Council of the Latvian Infectologists Association
        4. Acting -President of the Latvian Hepatologists Association
        5. Head of the Certification Council of Latvian Hepatologists Association
        6. Officer of the Latvian Association for Health Care Management Specialists

International -

Honours and Awards


    Riga Stradins University -


Research Projects

Currently - adviser for 4 Doctoral theses, one Master's  thesis.

Recent/ Representative Publications

Total number of publications - 327 (89 in the last 5 years), 7 patents, 4 monographs.


2000 -2007:

Patents of the Republic of Latvia

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