Professor Andris Zicmanis
Faculty of Chemistry,
University of Latvia

Raina bulv. 19
Riga, LV 1586

Phone: +371 6737 25 73
Fax: +371 67225039


Born: April 21, 1941, Jelgava, Latvia


Main Research:

Organic Synthesis including application of ionic liquids, polymer-supported catalysts and reagents, etc. Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds. 

Languages: Latvian, English, Russian, French..



Research and Production Company “Biolar”, Latvia -

University of Latvia, Faculty of Chemistry -

Honours and Awards

Professional Activities and Memberships



University of Latvia:

Published Papers:   250 (including 53 patents)

    Recent/Representative Publications

  1. I.Klimenkovs, I.Zhukovska, I.Uzulina, A.Zicmanis, A.Guyot.  Maleic diamide polymerizable surfactants. Application in emulsion polymerization. – Compt. Rend. Chimie,  2003, vol. 6, N 11-12, pp. 1295-1304.
  2. A.Guyot, A.Zicmanis. Polymerisable surfactants (surfmers) for emulsion polymerisation production. – In.: Surfactants in Polymers, Coatings, Inks and Adhesives. Ed. D.R.Karsa. Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2003, pp. 71-92.
  3. M.Campanati, S.Franceschini, O.Piccolo, A.Vaccari, A.Zicmanis.  Catalytic condensation of aromatic aldehydes with acetone on activated Mg-Al mixed oxides. – Catalysis Communications, 2004, vol. 5, pp. 145-150.
  4. M.Klavins, L.Eglite, A.Zicmanis. Immobilized humic substances as sorbents - Chemosphere, 2006, vol. 62, pp. 1500-1506.
  5. A. Zicmanis, G. Vavilina, S. Drozdova, P. Mekss, M. Klavins. – Alkylation of ambident indole anion in ionic liquids. – Centr. Eur. J. Chem., 2007, vol. 5, N 1, pp. 156-168.

Recent Research Projects (participation):

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