Professor, Dr.habil.agr.,

Director, Research Institute of Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine ‘’Sigra’’,
Latvia University of Agriculture
Professor, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
Latvia University of Agriculture

Instituta iela 1
Sigulda, LV 2150

Phone: +371 7 976654. Fax: +371 7 976655.

Born: February 5, 1938, Riga, Latvia


We dedicated several years for elaboration of ecological safety and for improvement of plant and animal products’ quality.  Investigations on animal food products' quality, safety, possible contamination level, especially in healthy food aspect, are carried out. The risk factors in chain: soil - plants (fodder)- animals - diseases - treatment - products - transport - processing - realization were analysed and measures for non desirable elimination of expressions   were elaborated. 

We investigated pathology of animals’ reproductive organs, particularly andrology, by determining etiopathogenetical significance of microbiological, mycological, morphological and other disturbances. The possible prophylactic treatment was also investigated. Determination of heredity factor and predisposition levels as well as elaboration of measures for restriction of diseases of Latvian Brown breed animals were carried out.

Theoretical motivation and technological solution for the development of attenuated, mutant vaccine against salmonellosis, as  well as  Staph. aureus and Strept.agalactiae vaccines against mastitis and new  kinds of plant medicines for animals treatment in organic farming  were elaborated .

The production of measles serum is developed and elaboration of vaccine will be completed soon. 

Languages:  Latvian, Russian, English, German



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Wife - Maija Jemeljanova,

Children: Egils, Valdemars, Sandra, Aija.
3 grandchildren

Avocations: hunting, touring, gardening, photo.


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