Dr. habil. chem. Aivars JURKOVSKIS

Senior Researcher
Head of Marine Monitoring Centre
Institute of Aquatic Ecology, University of Latvia
Daugavgrivas iela 8
Riga, LV 1007

Phone: +371 7 610851
Fax: +371 7 601995

Born: March 1, 1939, Riga, Latvia




The Baltic Sea studies have been made on the dynamics of dissolved organic matter and its metabolic sources, on the biogeochemistry of nutrient variability and on relationships between land-based processes and alterations in the marine environment. Present research is oriented at the analysis of long-term data series to understand the environmental processes in the Gulf of Riga, where the contribution of natural and anthropogenic loading to the ecosystem changes observed after the economic recession in the Eastern Baltic countries is currently unclear. Mathematical modelling the biogeochemical cycling of e nutrients and trace metals as wekll as dynamics of phytoplankton in the Gulf of Riga is carrying out together with doctorands. A part of this study is the exploration of geochemical processes in the saline- and freshwater mixing zone. The work is being done to upgrade the marine monitoring program of Latvia optimising it to follow and explain the environmental phenomena in the areas of national interest.

Languages: English, Latvian, Russian





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Hydrochemistry and Water Contamination, University of Latvia, 1994, 1997


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