Professor Rihards KONDRATOVICS

Rhododendron Experimental and Breeding Nursery "Babite",
University of Latvia
Riga District, LV 2101

Phone: + 371 9103858, +371 7913127
Fax: + 371 7 913127
E-mail: rodod@latnet.lv



Special attention in scientific activities is devoted to the research of ornamental plants - rhododendron (Rhododendron L.) genus as well as creation of new cultivars adapted for the Latvian agro-climatic conditions. The work with rhododendron genus was started in 1957. Since then a wide rhododendron collection has been created including 100 species, 50 cultivars and several hundreds of perspective hybrids. 26 new cultivars of Simsii rhododendrons (greenhouse azaleas) has been created and a collection of more than 100 cultivars has been developed. In 1980 an educational and scientific basis - the Rhododendron Experimental and Breeding Nursery "Babite" was founded.

Languages: Latvian, Russian, German



University of Latvia -

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Professional Activities:



University of Latvia -

Recent/Representative Publications:

More than 360 publications, including 5 monographs, 1 textbook;

~ 58 authors’ certificates for the created new cultivars of  rhododendrons -

    Evergreen Rhododendrons: ' Academia Scientiarum',   'Alma Mater', 'Babites Baltais', Dace', 'Eduards  Smilgis', 'Emeritus', 'Emils', 'Ginta', 'Irina', 'Janis', 'Karlis', 'Kristine', 'Lavanda', 'Lita', 'Ligo', 'Spriditis', 'Uldis'

    Decidious Rhododendrons: 'Alina', 'Anita', 'Astra', 'Austra', 'Francisa', 'Ilze', 'Ina', 'Indra', 'Inga', 'Laura', 'Liene', 'Liesma', 'Liva', 'Lorija', 'Madame Debene', 'Mazais Jefins', 'Pasacina', 'Polarzvaigzne', 'Polonia', 'Rita Zvaigzne', 'Rigas Rododendrs', 'Rubins', 'Saule', 'Skaidrite', 'Teika', 'Uguns'

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Family and Hobbies:

All members of the family are biologists. Professor R.Kondratovics is a plant physiologist, his wife Skaidrite - a botanist, son Uldis - a plant physiologist, associate professor at the Faculty of Biology, his scientific interests are connected with rhododendrons; his 3 sons are 20 years and 18 years old. Daughter Ginta is also a plant physiologist, formerly worked with rhododendrons, now brings up a daughter - 19 years old, and a son - 18 years old.

Hobbies: rhododendrons and photographs.


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