kotomin.jpg (5671 bytes) Professor Eugene KOTOMIN
Head of Theoretical Laboratory
Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia,
Kengaraga iela 8
Riga, LV 1063

Phone: +371 718 7480 (office); +371 732 6308 (home)
Fax: +371 7132778


Born: September 20, 1949, Vilnius, Lithuania


Brief description:

My recent scientific activities are concerned with the theory of defects in solids, with ab initio and semiempirical calculations of the electronic structure of perfect insulating crystals, surfaces and defects, with mechanisms of defect creation under irradiation, defect diffusion, and recombination, with the kinetics of bimolecular and tunnelling reactions. That is, I study problems related to theoretical condensed matter physics and radiation physics of insulating solids, as well to theoretical quantum chemistry of non-metallic crystals with special emphasis on the materials science aspects.

In particular, I have developed a phenomenological theory of diffusion-controlled bimolecular reactions in solids and liquids incorporating electron tunnelling, studied self- organisation effects in chemical reactions, established the essential role of electron tunnelling and elastic interaction of radiation defects in insulating solids during their accumulation under irradiation. I have performed ab initio calculations of pure and CO-, SiO- and Ag-covered oxide crystalline surfaces as well as semiempirical INDO calculations of the electronic structure of numerous point defects and relevant processes in ionic solids. My fundamental studies of both static and dynamic properties of insulating solids have been applied successfully in a wide range of problems in materials science.

Most of my diverse interests are driven by international collaboration, including Turin University, Italy (Prof. Pisani, Hartree-Fock calculations of solids, surfaces and interfaces), Aarhus University, Denmark (Prof. N.E.Christensen, the atomic and electronic structure of solids and defects), Helsinki University of Technology (Prof. Nieminen, large-scale simulations of radiation damage of solids), University of Western Ontario, Canada (Prof. P.W.M.Jacobs, diffusion-controlled processes in solids), Max-Planck-Institut für Metallforschung, Stuttgart (Prof. W. Frank, self-organization phenomena in solids under irradiation), Freie Universität Berlin (Dr. M.Reichling, colloid formation in ionic crystals), Clausthal Technical University, Germany (Prof. V.Kempter, surface properties of insulators), Belfast University, Northern Ireland (Dr. M.Finnis, ab initio simulations of metal/oxide interfaces), Max Planck Institut für Festkörperforschung, Stuttgart, Germany (Prof. J.Maier, Defects and Surfaces of  Prospective Perovskites and Oxides).


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