Professor Andris RUBINS

Professor Andris RUBINS

Head of the Chair of  Dermatovenerology,
Riga Stradins University

16 Dzirciema street, Riga, LV-1007
     Tel.: +371 7370395; 9481725
     Fax.: +371 7370395

Director of Latvian Dermatology Institute,Ltd

14 Perses street , Riga, LV-1011, Latvia
     Tel.: 7284575, 7287740

President of Latvian Association of Dermatovenerologists

President of Baltic Association of Dermatovenerologists

Date and place of birth 

November 19,1947, Sigulda, Latvia



Latvian - native lg., English, Russian - fluent

Education, professional training

Current job, occupation

Professional certificate - Dermatovenerology

Research Activities

Author of more than 180 research publications. 5 inventions and patents, 4 monographs.

Honours and Awards


Lectures delivered

    Guest lecturer to deliver the lectures on:

  1. Psoriasis, immunopathogenesis and immune therapy.
  2. Immunopathogenesis and the latest developments in the therapy of skin diseases.
  3. Epidemiology, diagnostics, differential diagnostics and therapy of sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. Dermatovenerology in Latvia: advances and perspectives.

At the USA universities: Univ.of Michigan, Ann Arbor, NIH Bethesda, MD; Med.Univ. of South Carolina, Charleston,
Univ. of Texas, Galveston; Medic.Coll. of Wisconsin, Northwestern Univ, Chicago; New Jersey Med. School, NJ: New York Univ. at Stony Brook; Bowmann Gray School of. Med. Winston-Salem; Japan: Tokyo Univ. Kinki Univ., Osaka, Kyoto Univ.; Germany - Univ. of. Dusseldorf; Univ. of Munich; Univ.of Marburg, Univ. of Keel, Univ. of Koln, University of Erfurt

Reports delivered

Starting with 1991, participation at all congresses of European Academy of Dermatovenerology (EADV), as well as World congresses in 1992,1997, 2002 and congresses organized in other countries (2000 - in Holland, 2001 – in Germany, 2001 – in Greece, 2002- in Romania, 2003 – in Russia).

Chairperson of 14th, 15th, 16th congresses of Latvian Association of Dermatovenerologists.

Organizing committee of BADV 1-4 congresses , chairman of 3rd congress.

Research projects

1. FG 506-08-07 “A multicentre, randomised, open label, observer blinded, parallel group study to assess efficacy and safety of Tacrolimus gel 0.3%, vs Calcipotriol ointment 0.005% vs Tacrolimus cream 0.5% in the treatment of mild to moderate plaque psoriasis” of company Fujisawa GmbH, Germany (2001- 2004).

2. FG-506-06-21 “A long-term open label, non-comparative study to evalute the safety of 0,1% Tacrolimus (FK506) ointment for treatment of atopic dermatitis “ (1998-2004) of company Fujisawa GmbH, Germany

3. FG – 506-06-33 “A long-term, non-comparative study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Tacrolimus ointment in paediatric patients” (2004-2006) of company Fujisawa GmbH, Germany.

4.FG-506-06-32 “A randomised, multi-centre, double-blind, pharmacokinetic study of Tacrolimus ointment 0.03% in paediatric patients (aged 3 months to 24 months) with atopic dermatitis following first and repeated once daily or twice daily application of the Tacrolimus ointment” (2004-2006) of company Fujisawa GmbH, Germany.

Supervision of Doctoral Students

Two theses for the degree of have been defended under my guidance, two theses are to be defended, two are supervised.

 Representative Publications


  1. Illustrated Manual in Dermatovenerology , Rubins A., Gutmane R., Siegel D., Riga, 1996., 268 pp. In Latvian
  2. A book „Sexually Transmitted Diseases” (A.Rubins, R.Gutmane, S.Rubins et al.) under profesor A.Rubin’s editing, Riga, 2001, 194 pp.
  3. Illustrated Handbook in Dermatovenerology, Rubins A., Gutmane R., Siegel D., Riga, 1997, 292 pp. (in Russian)
  4. A book „Skin Diseases and their Therapy“, (A.Rubins, R.Gutmane, S.Reitamo et al.)under profesor A. Rubin’s editing, LDF, Riga 2002. 

Research articles

  1. Th. Ruzicka, Th. Bieber, Er. Schopf, A. Rubins et al, A short-term trial of Tacrolimus ointment for atopic dermatitis. The New England Journ. of Med. Vol.337, N 12, 1997, pp. 816-821.
  2. M. Zonneveld, A. Rubins, Jablonska S. at al., Tacrolimus (FK506) is not effective in chronic plaque psoriasis. A pilot study.” Journal “Archives of Dermatology”, 1998; 134 (9): 1101-1102.
  3. M. Zonneveld, A. Rubins, Jablonska S., Dobozy A., Ruzicka T., Kind P. et al. Erratum: topical tacrolimus is not effective in chronic plague psoriasis, Archives of Dermatology 1998; 134 (11): 1386-1386.
  4. A.Rubins, R. Gutmane, S. Rubins et al, Epidemiology of syphilis in Latvia., J., Acta Dermatovenerologica A.P.A. Vol 8, 1999 nr.2, p. 59-62.
  5. A.Rubins, A. Viksna, History Dermatovenerology in Latvia, CEEDVA Bulletin 1, 1999, p. 28- 34.
  6. Rubins A.,Merson A., Subpopulations T-lymphocytes in psoriatic patients and their changes during immunotherapy. J.Amer.Acad.Derm.,1987,17:972-
  7. Reitamo S.,Wollenberg A.,Schop, Cambazarol F., Marks R.,Ruzicka Th., Christopher E., Kapp A., Dubertret L., Rubins A., Jablonska St., Rustin M., Safety and Efficacy of 1 Year of Tacrolimus Ointment Monotherapy in Adults with Atopic Dermatitis, Amer.Medical Association, Arch.Dermatol. vol,136,2000., p.999-1006.
  8. A.Rubins, S.Rubins, I.Jakobsone, L.Cigorevska, Syphilis – Theory and Practice in Latvia, Forum for Nordic dermatovenerology, No.4, vol.7, November 2002, p.12-19.
  9. A.Rubins, J.Vetra, L.Ivanova, V.Shidlovska,Options available for the conservative therapy of feebly granulated foot and skin ulcers,Vest.Dermatol Venerol, 2003; 3: 43-45.
  10. J.Harper, C.Smith, A.Rubins, et al.  A multicentre study of the pharmacokinetics of Tacrolimus ointment after first and repeated application to children with atopic dermatitis. - Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 2005,    124, pp. 695-699.
  11. A.Rubins, R.Gutmane, N.Valdmane, P.Stevenson, N.Undre. Pharmacokinetics of 0,1% Tacrolimus ointment after first and repeated aplications to adults with moderate to severe Atopic Dermatitis. - Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 2005,   125, pp. 68-71.
  12. J.Ortonne, P. Van de Kerkhof, A.Rubins et al., 0,3% Tacrolimus gel and 0,5% Tacrolimus cream show effifacy in the treatment of adults with mild to moderate plaque psoriasis: results of a randomised, open-label, observer blinder study. - Acta Dermato-Venerologica, 2006, 86, pp. 29-33.


Patents of the Republic of Latvia

  1. Patent Nr.12448, A method of diagnostics of lower extremity skin trophic ulcers , Latvijas Republika, 20.07.2000.g. A. Rubins, L.Ivanova, R.Batova et al.
  2. Patent Nr. 11528.20.08.1997, Anti-inflammatory, anti-analgesic drug for parenteral use and the method of its preparation. Inventors R.Batova, E.Petersone, A.Lazdins, V.Krilovs, A.Rubins.
  3. Patent Nr.11594.2008.1997, Medical drug for psoriasis treatment. Inventors R.Batova, E.Petersone, A.Lazdins, V.Krilovs, I.Hartmane, A.Rubins.

International Congresses and Conferences

        1998-2004: participation – 24, chairing 7

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