Maija Ruklisha

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Senior Researcher
Head of Laboratory of Metabolism Control of Producers
Institute of Microbiology & Biotechnology, University of Latvia
Kronvalda bulv. 4
Riga, LV 1586

Phone: +371 7034866
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Brief Description of Main Research:

General principles of metabolism and product (lysine, valine) synthesis control in Corynebacterium glutamicum were investigated. The aim of these studies was the development of theoretical principles enabling to maintain high microbial process productivity and comparatively low production cost of amino acids. It was estimated that the essential parameter to increase the productivity of the technological process of amino acid synthesis was the increase of product yield from C-substrates. Metabolite flux control in bacterial cells (the activity of substrate uptake, central metabolic pathway functioning and product export) was established as the most significant method for the increase of product experimental yield from C-substrates (Ruklisha et al., 1992, 1993, 2000, 2001, Paegle & Ruklisha, 2003).
Principles of metabolite flux control depending on the rate of energy generation and utilization in the cells, switching on or off the stringent control mechanism and others were investigated and applied to improve lysine and valine biosynthesis by C. glutamicum cells.

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Biochemical Responses of Brevibacterium flavum to Substrate Concentrations and Medium Mixing Intensity. Invited lecture, 11th International Congress of Chemical Engineering, Prague, September, 1993.


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On “Lysine producing strains and technologies” (With Hungary, 1995, Yugoslavia, 1998; Finland, 1993) 

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