Professor Narimants SALENIEKS

Director, Institute for Quality Engineering,
Riga Technical University

Kalku iela 1
Riga, LV 1658

Phone: +371 7089707
Fax: +371 7089748


Born: February 13, 1938, Kuldiga, Latvija


The main research over the last years has been within the application of random sample function analysis (SFA) to computer based information technology for performance measuring, monitoring and quality technology and effective management methodology.

Created up to now: principles of quality monitoring and versions for real time information technology, random sample function crossing theory for computer-aided estimation and prediction of quality and reliability; principles for harmonization quality, reliability, and effective management systems, implementation state-of-the-art process control, technology management methodology and updated metrological confirmation system; state-of-the-practice education and education quality assurance; integration of research, education and training..

Future research: development of SFA and related stochastical methodology for six-sigma management, cross functional analysis, benchmarking and QFD methodology; strategy for development of integral quality, reliability, safety, environmental management system and principles for harmonization performance measuring and uncertainty estimation methodology.

Languages: Latvian, English, Russian



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Total Quality Culture is a strategy of my personal life and professional activities, where the Continuous Improvement principle implemented according to ''Murphy laws'' which totally conform to my hobby - fishing and understanding that .... today is yesterday's tomorrow.

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