Valentina SKUJINA

skujina.jpg (6006 bytes) Professor Valentina SKUJINA
Senior Researcher
Latvian Language Institute
Akademijas laukums 1
Riga, LV 1050

Phone:  +371 7229636
Fax:     + 371 722 7696


Born: October 2, 1937



Main research - the monograph ‘’The Principles of Formation of Latvian Terminology‘’ (1993/ 2002, 224 pp.), where the experience of 40 years work of the Terminology Commisison (TC) of Latvian Academy of Sciences has been generalized. Theoretical conclusions on the intralingual, interlingual and extralingual levels are based on about 200,000 scientific and technological branch terms, confirmed by TC. The foundation and main items of Latvian Terminology as a branch of science have been described. Co-author and Managing Editor of a number of term-dictionaries. Author of the book for Latvian language training "Latvian Language for Business Practice" (1999, 150 pp.), and of the "Dictionary of the Latin and Greek Elements" (1999, 233 pp.), where the explanations of Latin and Greek elements and word-examples made from these elements are given. 

Languages: Latvian, English, Russian.




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