Professor Nikolay VEDERNIKOV
Head of Laboratory
Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry
Dzerbenes iela 27
Riga, LV-1006

Phone: +371-7550635
Fax: +371-7310135

Born: February 8, 1937, Tver, Russia


Wood Chemistry and Technology

Research. The theory of differential catalysis of the pentosan hydrolysis and pentose dehydration reactions has been elaborated. Regularity of catalytic activity of cations in the pentose dehydration reactions has been revealed. The mechanisms and kinetics of hydrolytic and mechano-chemical depolymerization of polysaccharides and the relationships of changes in supramolecular structure of cellulose in the furfural obtaining process have been established. The results obtained are described in 313 scientific publications, and 24 patents in 11 countries have been received.

Practice. The new technologies of furfural production from hardwood, corncobs as well as cotton, sunflower and rice seed hulls were realized in 7 plants, with the annual profit more than 6 million USD. A licence was sold, and contracts with firms of Slovenia, Hungary and Finland were successfully performed with an increase in the furfural yield by 30% on the average. Prof. N.Vedernikov was the leading expert in furfural production in the USSR and supervised all the experiments and implementation of his and other state-of-the-art technologies. He worked at 6 ethanol and 15 furfural production plants, including the furfural plants constructed by the firms: Escher Wyss (Germany), Rosenlew (Finland), Sunds Defibrator (Sweden), Agrifurane (France). For the first time in the world’s industrial practice, the problem of the joint production of furfural and ethanol from deciduous wood and agricultural residues was solved and, in 1997, was successfully realized on an industrial scale.

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