Vitalijs ZELCHS

wpe2.jpg (8497 bytes) Dr. Vitalijs ZELCHS
Professor of Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology,
Chairman of Geomorphology and Geomatics

Department of Geography
Faculty of Geographical and Earth Sciences
University of Latvia

Postal address:                              Office address:
19 Rainis Blvd.                             Room 302
Riga, LV 1586                            10 Alberta iela
Latvia                                          Riga, Latvia

Phone: + 371 7 332 566
Fax: + 371 7 332 704

Born:  July 3, 1952, Briezhciema pagasts, Balvu rajons, Latvia




Languages: Latvian, English, Russian



Honors, Awards, Fellowships

Professional Activities and Memberships




Number of communications to international scientific congresses, meetings and symposiums     -  70
Number of communications to national scientific meetings  - 82

Study Courses

University of Latvia -

Recent/Representative Publications

      Total number of Publications -   426:

   Number of Scientific Publications      -    214
   Number of Educational Publications  -      22
   Other Publications                            -    190

Research Projects:  

Organization and Management of International Meetings, Workshops and Excursions

Other experience


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